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Notificationpro - Turn Your Website Visitors into Loyal Customers


Notificationpro is a free tool to increase engagement with visitors and conversion rate. You can easily use it to capture visitor leads and also display your social proof on your website as well.

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No Code tool

Without write a single line of code create your widgets seamlessly. Just copy and paste our pixel code into your website and get started within 60 seconds.

Visitor Engagement

Engaging effectively with website visitors and gathering their leads can be a great way to convert them into customers. Notificationpro provides a comprehensive solution for collecting visitor leads and creating meaningful engagements with them.

Track their activity

Gather visitor engagement metrics such as impressions, hover time, clicks, and form submissions all in one place with Notificationpro. With instant delivery of user data directly to your mailbox, you'll never miss a beat when it comes to taking action swiftly.

QR Menu - Contactless Menu Maker

Build for restaurant and hotels

Contactless Digital Menu Maker

QR Menu enables your customers to order and pay easily. QR Menu Take a trial and give your customers a new digital experience. For many restaurants, their sales have increased by 300% after using QR Menu.

  • Order and pay faster

  • Update your restaurant menu anytime with one click

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Contactless Digital Menu Maker - QR Menu